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Our Life & Business Mastery Community includes —  

Unlimited High Performance Group Coaching ($12,000/Year VALUE) 

  • High Performance Group Coaching every month, for as long as you're a beautiful Member of our Mastery Community - 12 CORE, 12 CHARGE, 12 DECLARATION Sessions, and our BRAND NEW 12 LEADERSHIP Sessions - the High Performance Journey never ends - we're always leveling up!
  • Can’t make the coaching livecast? No worries, you’ll have full access to the video replay, audio recordings, High Performance worksheets (and any online resources mentioned in the livecast, too).

TWO Monthly Online Q&A Roundtables ($30,000/Year VALUE)

  • After each month's livecast training  (Health, Wealth and Happiness and Business Mastery, which is usually the 2nd Saturday of each month) AND in between our High Performance Coaching sessions each month (usually the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month) I'll fire up ZOOM in the 'Studio in the Sky'!  We'll enjoy 30 minutes to multiple hours simply helping YOU and our Community Members with specific challenges, reviewing what was taught, answering questions, and deep diving with solutions on what is showing up for YOU in life, business and even online!
  • It's real time with me, two times per month!  I LOVE HELPING & SUPPORTING YOU! ❤️
  • Based on your needs, we will even have specialists in specific areas in some of our sessions, so you'll be able to talk with even more experts in our monthly sessions, too!
  • Each Zoom Roundtable session will be recorded, and put in an online members area so you can continue to get mastery - if you weren't able to attend, you can review everything at your convenience! 

Business & Internet Mastery Monthly Training ($6,000/Year VALUE)

  • Get immediate access to our First Month training "Starting From Scratch" with your business, and learn the 3 Levels of Income, as well how to truly create "Freedom for Your Future" (hint: it's the power of recurring revenue!). You'll LOVE this training, or your money back - no questions asked!
  • Every month, you can join Charly’s livecast training where we’re teaching new business & Internet mastery concepts, and then reviewing exactly what we’re doing right now that’s working, and how to properly do it, too!
  • Can’t make the livecast? No worries, you’ll have full access to the video replay and audio recordings (and any online resources mentioned in the livecast, too).

Health, Wealth and Happiness Monthly Mastery Training ($3,000/Year VALUE)

  • Get immediate access to our First Month's training where we review the 7 Areas, 10 Needle-Movers, and the 3 Big Questions that help you get faster results in health, wealth and happiness in life!  You'll LOVE this training, guaranteed or your money back... No questions asked!
  • Every month, you can join Charly’s livecast training where we’re keeping perspective each month by teaching new Life Mastery concepts, reviewing exactly what is working for the people I’m blessed to coach, and keeping perspective and accountability by rating ourselves.
  • Can’t make the livecast? No worries, you’ll have full access to the video replay and audio recordings (and any online resources mentioned in the livecast, too).

Access to our “Health, Wealth & Happiness in Life & Business” Private Facebook Group (PRICELESS)

  • Join other entrepreneurs, business owners, and amazing people who truly care about your success.  I have a very strict application process, and the people in my my community are here to help you improve your life and, if, applicable, grow your business, too!
  • Where I’m providing you full support, answering your questions and providing on the spot video training (Priceless!)


My Business Builder "Behind the Scenes" COURSE ($12,000 VALUE)

  • YES!  This is our famous course where I illustrate for you the possibility of creating, building and sustaining a life with more personal freedom through a $1 Million a year 'recurring revenue' business by helping, serving and supporting *350* people!  You're going to LOVE this training!  
  • This is what I teach my Vision, Strategy & Planning clients!
  • The #1 objection I’ve heard over the years is “I don’t think I can do this?!” - my Business Builder BONUS walks you through the Vision, Strategy & Planning process, and THEN dives into the nitty gritty of how I setup everything — a FULL “Behind the Scenes” bonus!
  • YES, you'll create YOUR "HOW I SERVE" Visualization board!
  • YES, you'll create YOUR "HOW I SERVE" Income Visualization!
  • YES, you'll create YOUR "HOW I SERVE" Mindset, Behaviors & Habits Visualization!
  • Together, through this course, AND our Monthly Roundtables, where we can strategize via ZOOM, we'll build your Vision, Strategy & Plan for absolutely CRUSHING life and business!  (I'm SO excited for you!!)

My Coaching Business Builder COURSE ($1,997 VALUE)

After coaching over 3,000 sessions as a Certified High Performance Coach™ for the last 7 years, and coaching entrepreneurs for the last 25 years - I've learned, tested and measured quite a few things!   You'll LOVE this!

Linda says: 

"Charly, thank you for creating this course. I am not yet through it as you can tell, and I have already found numerous ways that I can run my own coaching business smarter and more profitably. Great stuff. Watching this is like panning for gold, there are so many great "nuggets" of knowledge that I am learning for you. I don't mind learning from my own experiences. I love learning form others experiences and this course is so helpful. Many thanks!"

  • YES! This is my famous course where I illustrate the possibility for you to create, build and sustain 6-figure coaching business through 3 powerful types of offers!  You're going to LOVE this training!
  • MINDSET & BEHAVIORS - How to Find People You Can Serve, and How to Have the Conversation That Converts!
  • SYSTEMS & TACTICS - Exactly How I Keep Track of Each of My Amazing Coaching Students - you'll learn and have access to the tools and tactics I've refined to best serve each of your students consistently, for the long term!
  • MARKETING & SALES - How To Structure Your Business from the Marketing & Sales Perspectives - the magical monthly price point that converts people so you can truly help them either at a 1 to 1 level or Group level!

50% Discounts to ALL of Charly's Online Courses

  • For being a member of Charly’s Mastery Community — you’ll always receive discounts to Charly’s Online Courses, it’s a small way of saying “Thank You!” AND to help you continue your life, business and Internet mastery journey.

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